Hi there. I'm Samantha. Thanks so much for stopping by!

This is a small space I've created, in my very own corner of the internet, to share my life essentials—my bread and butter—with you.

I have a deep reverence for [slow] food as an art form—as a way of expressing beauty, learning about the environment, and learning about ourselves. When produced sustainably and prepared with the highest-quality, locally sourced ingredients, food is not only delicious, it is rejuvenating and life-supporting in boundless ways.

My love for food is analogous to my appreciation for slow lifestyle: a way of living that is essential to human health and happiness, yet is absent in so many of our lives today. In our fast-paced world we often rush through each moment, forgetting to enjoy, savor and fully engage in what we do. I firmly believe this is the root cause of much of the suffering we see today—from disease, to poverty, violence, and war. If we could simply slow down and take the time to appreciate our most basic needs and most heartwarming necessities: each other, our food, and our environment...oh how our world could change, and how much more lovely it would be.

I hope you find something here that provides you with the inspiration to go out and do what brings you happiness. Whether that is to cook a beautiful meal or simply spend more time with the people you love, just remember: it is the simple, most basic things in life—the bread and butter—that matter most.

With love,

“The only thing for certain is that everything changes. The rate of change increases. If you want to hang on you better speed up. That is the message of today. It could however be useful to remind everyone that our basic needs never change. The need to be seen and appreciated! It is the need to belong. The need for nearness and care, and for a little love! This is given only through slowness in human relations. In order to master changes, we have to recover slowness, reflection and togetherness. There we will find real renewal.”
— Professor Guttorm Fløistad

My Food Philosophy

Born and raised on a vegan macrobiotic diet, I quickly discovered there isn’t one way of eating or living that works for everyone. Through my own health challenges, I have come to adopt what I see as a diet and lifestyle that is closest to nature—one that revolves around eating as locally and seasonally as possible. Inspired by slow food pioneers Alice Waters & Judy Wicks, I am on a quest to cook with high quality, local food in simple ways. I believe less is more when it comes to both the recipes we prepare in the kitchen, and the recipes we prepare for our life.